Design review for your Windows app

Are you a developer who have an app, or an appidea that needs a great design review? 
Blend rocks is here to help - free of charge. (Why free? - Because over the years the community has given me so much, and this is me trying to give a tiny bit back.)

Here is how the review work

The review consists of 2 x 60 minute sessions. Prior to the sessions we'll discuss how you can benefit the most and how I can help you the best.

Each sessions begins with a short introduction and then you'll start by presenting your app or your progress. After that we dig right into the tailored session where I'll start to help you the best way possible. In the last 5 minutes of a session we'll do a recap and evaluate a bit on what to do next.

Here is an example of 2 x 60 minute sessions:

Week 1 - 60 minutes

  • App presentation
  • Brief talk about what we'll address during the session
  • Talk about principles behind app branding and using custom typography.
  • Sketch two screens in Photoshop
  • Plan the next review

Week 2 - 60 minutes

  • Follow up on week 1
  • Presentation of what has happend since session 1
  • Plan the 2nd session for most value
  • Design a page in Photoshop
  • Feedback on xaml styling, structure and control templating
  • Discuss how your tile can increase the user engagement and how you can get started

No app is ever the same, so what the two sessions contain is up for us to decide - the whole idea is simply to help you take your app design to the next level. 

Apply for a design review

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The sessions will be through Skype. It will be possible to record the sessions so you can review the sessions anytime you want. All files, notes and videos created during the session will be available to you in dropbox. 


Design review testomonials

"I was kind of skeptic at the beginning, because I thought that I would only get a few tips and that would be all, but I was so wrong. These review sessions helped my app a lot.  From the first update, I get only 5 star reviews, and a lot of users like the new UI.
Deani really has a trained eye for noticing even the small flaws that may not seem important, but when they're fixed they give your app a whole new look.
As a developer, he knows a lot about UX and his suggestions really helped my app attract users." 
Bogdan Bujdea, Fastswipe, December 2014

"This is the first time I used BlendRocks for an app review. Deani has been amazing throughout the whole process and was able to quickly identify my needs and come up with design solutions that rock! 
He's very friendly and helpful, professional and really skillful. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for gifted designer and I will be definitely working on a project with Deani in the future. This is the beginning of great things to come, so thank you Deani for all your help and time." 
Christos Matskas, Password Defender, October 2014


And who am I? 

My name is Deani Hansen, based in Copenhagen where I work as Lead designer for a company called Bluefragments. Bluefragments is the Microsoft app-partner of the year in Denmark. So I spent most of my time the last few years working on app designs for our customers, and I'd happily share a lot of the insights with you