Improve your app design

Do you want your app to be fun and cool to play around with? Get improved ratings and reviews mentioning your amazing design? Then this post is your you.

What I’ve recently noticed is that most of the apps available either on the Windows Store or Windows Phone marketplace are visually dull.
Most of the apps have great ideas with exciting and cool content but they doesn’t deviate the Visual Studio provided templates. While I've helped quite a few developers out there improving their apps and increasing their user engangement. 
While you can use the design review program offered here on the site you can also do something your self. Here's a few bullets from my list of thing people should try to avoid or do:

  • Do not use the boring black background with white text.
  • Make your app colorful
  • Use animations and transitions. Atleast those which is offered platform
  • Spend some extra time working on great store icons with the right look and feel
  • Don't just use the default templates found in Visual Studio. Make something up your self.
  • Keep your UI simple and clean, and yet tasteful.
  • Use livetiles
  • Use a splashscreen and indicators while loading content
  • Keep your app fluid and responsive
  • Use the design guidelines as guidelines at - not as a list of rules
  • Be creative.

Pro tip: Look at other apps you think looks great and try do what they do, but watch out. You have to own way and style. Nobody want’s a rip-off.

Creating a great design and UI is not an always easy task. It takes time.. Lots of time. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss how you can take your design to the next level or if you have additional things you'd like to see in the post.

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