A new beginning

Three years ago, In August 2012, I joined bluefragments as their first real employee and now three years later my time in bluefragments has come to an end - by my own request I've quit.

When I told blue' that I quit, I didn't have a plan for what should happen next... I only knew that I've always had a dream for a very long time - 12 years to be exact. - A dream of either starting on my own, with my own company and, or working for someone outside Denmark. So I decided to quit, pursue my dream and trust that it all would work out alright.

So.. What's next?

Blendrocks is now a registered company in Denmark and I'm officially an independant consultant. I've signed a contract as independant consultant with an insanely great company in San Francisco. I can't share details about it right now, but I can say for sure that I'm truly humbled and very, very excited to join their team. 

Here's to bluefragments, and here's to a new beginning..

The time I spent with the guys in blue have been absolutely fantastic and I'm very proud of helping the company grow to now 20 employees.
The knowledge, experiences and the friends I've got over the last three years is something I can't thank blue enough for. The joy and truly been in the journey, and what an adventure! 
Today, I'm one step closer to having maybe one or two of my dreams come true - the future looks bright and I'm really excited about what's to happen next.

In the future I'll spend some time in SF - should you be around let me know and I'd love to meet you. Just reach out to me on twitter.
And fear not - I'll continue to blog, speak on conferences etc... :-)

Thank you all for your endless support!