Windows Watch concept design revisited

In October last year I posted my take on how a Windows Watch could look like. I got some amazing feedback. One of the comments that I've been haunted by almost weekly since I posted the design was this, by Ronald Widha:

"Nice clean design. A little comment more on the presentation, I think your design could be more impactful with the right "wallpaper". The cappuccino cup feels like a throwaway wallpaper that companies like Samsung would offer their devices out-of-the-box. Would love to see a wallpaper that subtly give a hat tip to a traditional time piece. or go the other extreme with an ultra modern feel.
I think your design really shows the "metro" design is the most scalable from the smallest form factor to the largest one. Good work"

When I designed the watch I picked a rather generic wallpaper and my thoughts never visited the wallpaper again. The truth is Ronald's comment hit the nail right on it's head. I was instantly struck by a feeling of guilt and embarrassment. How could I miss something so fundamental. 

Here's an updated version of the watch featuring one of the post wallpapers I've seen in a long time. It has a sense of simplicity and purity. The two values I try to honor the most in all of my work.

Feel free to let me know if you like the new visited version of the watch in the comments. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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