A beautiful 9GAG client

Our mantra for all our development efforts is quality over quantity with a high focus on a pure, simple and beautiful design. We plan on continiously adding new features as they come along. 

What does our users say?

Carl: This is the best 9gag client I've used. Thank you very much! :)  - 5 star rating

Eduardo: Great app, it works super fluently on a 512 mbs, great design :D Totally recommend. - 5 star rating

André: Very cool and useful app! Looks georgeous on my phone and has great developer behind the app (with great support) - 5 star rating

James: Rudy Huyn should watch you guys - you got it right! This blows away all other 9gag experiences I've tried including those on iOS and android! - 5 star rating

Laura: Such a beautiful app. Only feature I'm missing is zoom? Any chance you'll add that? Thanks <3 - 4 star rating

What do you think?
Try it and let us know!!